Hannah looks good in pink

Here’s a small set of pictures of Hannah. She’s looking cute in her pink Royals outfit, and then a picture with her Mom & Dad. Enjoy.

Pink Royals outfit and Bikers Sunday

Baby Dedication and birthday parties

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Hannah is now 4 1/2 months old. Time has sure flown by, as she is growing and getting so much bigger.

Last Sunday, April 29th we celebrated Hannah’s baby dedication. It was a special time to share with our friends and family our desire to raise Hannah to love the Lord.

Here’s some pictures to check out Hannah.

Baby Dedication

Another exciting even was Hannah attended her friend Shayne’s first birthday party. His dad and I grew up together in Independence, and it’s so fun to share being father’s of little ones together.

Shayne’s 1st Birthday pics

So it’s been a special time with friend and family. We’re now looking forward to Hannah meeting her Arkansas family at her cousin Nic’s wedding.

Ultra-Sound Pictures, volume 2!

Here is the second and final installment of our ultrasound pictures.  Basically, all three feature the head and torso.  The Ultrasound doctor was very positive, as we were able to see the heart, kidneys, spine and all looked normal.

However, we were not able to determine if our child is a girl or a boy, as our baby played shy!  I guess we’ll find out when the baby’s born.  Bring on the green and yellow stuff!

Much thanks to everyone who has been praying for us and our baby.

First ulatrsound picture

2nd Ultrasound Picture

3rd ultrasound picture.

We’ve also just started our birthing classes.  It’s exciting to start preparing through these classes for the birth process.  It’s also fun to be going to class with friends from church.

Grandpa’s 100th Birthday

It was exciting to celebrate Grandpa’s 100th Birthday this last July. We had a great time with family. We had a gathering at church the day after his 100th Birthday, where the family created a choir to celebrate “Every Single Memory of You.”

Root Beer floats followed, with over 200 people in attendance.

What a wonderful time to celebrate Dawn’s grandpa and his Godly heritage.

Grandpa also received a letter from the President to celebrate his birthday.

Some folks had real fun, playing with the balloon at their table… truly not acting their age (and isn’t it wonderful)!

Thanks for the many people who helped make this a wonderful day.